Goatfell Gate

Goatfell Gate


The gate in the deer fence on the main Goatfell path is no longer shutting properly despite many repairs & so is not deer-proof. This is part of the cross-island deer fence so it is important it remains deer-proof. Since this gate gets a lot of use, it has been decided a metal self-closing gate would be a longterm solution. However this gate could not be wide enough for an argocat due to weight & stability. Argocat access is vital for rescues by the local mountain rescue team & necessary for deer management. A second gate is required specifically for this purpose.

As this gate provides essential access  Arran Trust are delighted to support this project.


The project provides a system of gates which are robust & will require minimum maintenance for the foreseeable future and has a positive impact on the environment by ensuring that the cross-island deer fence remains deer-proof to minimise deer being lost from the deer forest in the north thus reducing deer impact in the south.