COAST mobile marine interpretation vehicle:

COAST mobile marine interpretation vehicle:


COAST already works closely with the Arran community, local schools and visitors to Arran and this project is designed to engage those audiences further, helping them realise what fascinating sights lie along our shore and under our coastal waters and enabling them to interact with the environment in fun and engaging ways.

The project will complement and use our Marine Education Resource pack (MER pack) which has been  piloted successfully in Arran schools and will be distributed to Ayrshire schools, and online, via the new COAST website. 

The Arran Trust offered funding towards the fitting out of the new interpretation vehicle to travel round schools and community groups within Ayrshire.


Specific outcomes from this project will include:

  • Improved knowledge of the marine environment for Arran residents and visitors  
  • Better understanding of marine conservation issues and the need for change
  • Ehanced visitor experience while on Arran
  • Economic benefits for local businesses in terms of visitor satisfaction
  • Increased contact between COAST, residents and visitors

Amplified reputation of the island and awareness of  the Arran community’s dedication to marine conservation.