Arran Coastal Rowing

Arran Coastal Rowing


Rowing in coastal skiffs has seen a dramatic rise around Scotland in recent years and around Arran there are already a significant number of clubs rowing both for pleasure and in competition. Arran Junior Sailing currently teaches sailing to the local children but there are often days when conditions are far from ideal; on many of these days activities such as rowing are far more suitable. Living on an island, as well as teaching sailing, we try to promote water confidence and safety on the water. We think there are number of students who would be keen to row and this project will help us to access them. We plan to build two 5 person St Ayles rowing skiffs from kits produced by Jordan boats. Arran High School wish to take on the construction of these as part of their technical studies programme and have already offered a suitable  area for this. 


This project with the help of funding from the Arran Trust will -

Encourage additional community involvement in Sport.

Attract visitors and their families to the island for competitions,

Improve healthy sport access for people with mobility problems.

Provide social integration opportunities for youth with their mainland peers.

This will provide additional education and and skils for the pupils building the boats and help future work prospects.

Additional leisure facilities for the Island.