about the trust

If you haven't heard of The Arran Trust before then here's what we do in a nutshell:

If every visitor to Arran were to give just £1 towards looking after this special place, we would have almost a quarter of a million pounds to spend annually on conservation, environment, community, heritage and more for our island. The Arran Trust was set up with five initial businesses on board and has steadily grown.

We have seven dedicated Trustees who oversee the organisation and ensure the values of the Trust are consistently upheld. All the Trustees have an interest in the environment, heritage and communities of Arran. They also understand the importance of tourism to the island.

The tourist industry is vital to the island's economy and we aim to enable tourism and conservation to work in partnership which means ensuring that the money raised goes to the places that need it the most.

The Trust provides valuable fundraising for conservation and community projects throughout Arran. Projects we can consider include wildlife, paths and trails, marine, conservation, and sustainability. The applicants must demonstrate a clear and positive contribution to the environment, and projects should be accessible to members of the public, and benefit the local community. For more information or to request a funding application pack – contact the Trust at info@arrantrust.org and full details will be forwarded.

The Trustees

Kenneth Bone (Chairman) Margie Currie Angela Elliot Walker Henry Murdo Richard Small Tom Tracey Robert Waine